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Customer Comments

Posted on 9-Dec-2011


Many thanks for your gift box of scents. I love the unique combinations!

I hope you are enjoying the start of the holiday season.

Customer Comments

Posted on 9-Dec-2011


Narcisse Noir arrived today. Only a tad was spilled but this is the best batch I have ever smelled of this Caron classic. I am really delighted with my purchase.

Customer Comments

Posted on 13-Dec-2011


Just wanted to let you know that I gave the Vol de Nuit I bought from you a full wearing today, and it is just GORGEOUS. I've been looking for some of this for months, and I'm so happy to have it. If you ever come by another bottle from the same era or even earlier, please contact me!

Customer Comments

Posted on 13-Dec-2011


Hello Deb,
I have bought this perfume (Jean Deprez Jardanel) for my wife. She says that this perfume is very beautiful and sensual. And I like them too!!!
Thank you very much again. If you will be sell more rare perfume please let me know.
Warm regards from Sweden.


Customer Comments

Posted on 3-Feb-2012


My stunning Violet "Pourpre d'Automne" flacon arrived today and I couldn't be happier - THANK YOU for making it available to me - I've been looking for almost 10 years!

I will definitely shop with you again and refer you to my friends.

Wishing you a safe and happy weekend,
Dimitri :)

Customer Comments

Posted on 6-Feb-2012


Hi Deb, I just wanted to let you know that I received your package. Oh my gosh, everything is wonderful!! Opening your package was like Christmas morning. Thanks so much for all the samples as well... Especially the one you blended for me. I am excited to do business again with you sometime soon!

Also, I am wearing the Opium Parfum right now and it is just wonderful!


Customer Comments

Posted on 6-Jan-2012


Hi Deb,

(Purchased 2ml decant of vintage Secret de Venus Zibeline) Just thought I would let you know my Mother in law was OVER THE MOON!
Will deffo be back for more!

Customer Comments

Posted on 13-Jan-2012


Hi Deb,
The perfume was delivered today, (purchased Guerlain L'Heure Bleue) thank you - Love it! Very nice condition and SO much better than the newer version!


Customer Comments

Posted on 1-Jul-2012


1940s Toujours Moi

Hi Deb,

Apologies on this very late email! I have received the bottles and love them all. Thank you so much for all the extras you included in my order. I will watch your shop for more exciting finds in the future.


Customer Comments

Posted on 4-Jul-2012

Guerlain Rue de la Paix

Got the bottles and samples yesterday! Wow they are beautiful. Looking forward to testing the samples that you included. Thanks so much again!!


Customer Comments

Posted on 5-Jul-2012

Coty A Suma, Caron Le Narcisse Noir & et

It took me a ½ hour to unwrap and refill everything, it must have taken you at least twice as long, everything was perfect…I LOVE the bottles will take pics soon… I LOVE the Narcisse Noir, to die for! There is also a Narcisse Blanc!

Send me some pics if you have time of the new Guerlain bottle you just bought at an auction. I am happy to be the owner of the Asuma bottle!


Customer Comments

Posted on 25-Jul-2012

Dans la Nuit, Shalimar, Rochas Femme, Caron Nuit de Noel and Le Narcisse Noir

Anifisa from Russia

Hello Deb,
I received a parcel! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I am very glad! It is very happy! I thank you for the gifts! I didn't expect so many gifts, so pleasant! I have on August 6 my birthday, so it is to me gifts!
Thanks, Deb!

I risked for the first time to get perfume from the USA and at once found the seller! I hope for further cooperation!
Once again Thanks, Deb!
Yours faithfully, Anfisa


Customer Comments

Posted on 28-Jun-2012

Cherigan Fleurs de Tabac


I swear you must have hand delivered the Cherigan Fleurs De Tabac by hand because it arrived so quickly!

I am absolutely beside myself with not only the fragrance itself, but the generous samples you supplied!! I tried the Cherigan first upon arrival and fell in love right away. Beautiful and REALLY long lasting. It was still on me this morning! I understand its "cult status" now and am so happy you were able to provide it to me!

I intend to try both the Lubin Fumee and the Havana Weed Oil over the next two days. I will let you know my thoughts for sure!

Deb, you have a customer for life in me. You have not only been kind and friendly, but you are helping to expand my knowledge and horizons regarding fragrance. I am new to this and learning everyday and you are helping me in many ways!


Customer Comments

Posted on 26-Mar-2012

Hi Deb.
I am thrilled beyond belief with the Secret de Venus and the Crepe de chine. I am finding I love oils! I think this is a whole new thing for me.
I hope you are doing fine and I love my two items. Look forward to buying more from you.


Customer Comments

Posted on 5-May-2012

Hi Deb,
Package arrived well. Some of the Gabilla and Gray perfumes left from the bottle, but it is not a real problem. Thanks for fast shipping. I will come again.

Thanks again, I'll be back soon.
Chris (France)

Customer Comments

Posted on 6-May-2012

Hi Deb,
The two perfumes arrived yesterday. I made good choices!
I am a collector. I am primarily interested in the beautiful classic commercial bottles from about 1900 -1960.

I do have a few of each of many other categories as well. I collect only bottles with ground glass stoppers. Right now I am especially interested in the 1900-1920's bottles that have faceted glass stoppers and beautifully designed labels, especially the ones with the embossed gold foil labels. I can't say that there are any specific bottles I am looking for right now. I will check your site frequently.

By the way - all of your materials are so beautifully designed! (Your label, your business card, the vial folder...) And thank you for the little bonus vial of your specially formulated fragrance.

Thank you for good service! I will be happy to patronize you again!


Customer Comments

Posted on 6-May-2012

Hi Deb,

I am thrilled beyond belief with the Secret de Venus and the Crepe de Chine. I am finding I love oils! I think this is a whole new thing for me.

I hope you are doing fine and I love my two items.

Look forward to buying more from you.


Customer Comments

Posted on 23-May-2012

Guerlain Shalimar

Hi Deb,

I've received the package! Everything is perfect! And the Bottle is HUGE! :) Perfume smells amazing! Thank you!!! I'll buy 1000 by Jean Patou very soon! :)


Customer Comments

Posted on 23-May-2012

Jean Patou Sublime

Now, now, Deb--there's fast shipping, and there's Deb O'Neil's lightning fast shipping. LOL

I am so pleased with everything I received today--the Sublime, the Borsari perfume miniatures, and the Tatiana perfume. And I was completely blown away by your gift of scent samples :-) :-):-) Merci!!!

I have a growing list of perfumes that I will order from you in the near future, for sure. For example, I've got my sights on Corday Toujours Toi, Patou 1000, L'heure Bleue, just to name the top THREE on my list. My husband and I both enjoy viewing the items over and over on your website.

Thanks, and looking forward to a long and sweet-scented future. :-)



Customer Comments

Posted on 16-Oct-2012

Gabilla Chin Li

Rare 1924 Depinoix Perfume Bottle

Hi Deb,
Just to let you know the Chin-LI Bottle has arrived, so happy with it. Very much appreciated and thank you so much. Hope to do business again soon.

Customer Comments

Posted on 26-Oct-2012

1950s Sealed Guerlain Shalimar

Hi Deb!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Shalimar today, safe and sound! I dug the cork out almost immediately, and somehow managed to tip a couple of drops onto the table... I stared at them for about half a second before collecting them on my wrists. I've been marinating in the scent for the past half hour. Absolutely divine!!! I love the current incarnation, but am completely blown away by the vintage.

Thanks again for everything! I'll get in touch with you again when I'm ready to indulge in an extrait!



Customer Comments

Posted on 11-Apr-2013

Guerlain Vol de Nuit Parfum

Hi Deb,

I just got your lovely package, thank you so much!!! Everything is in perfect condition, thank you for the care you took with the beautiful Vol de Nuit perfume. (I just sniffed it from the bottle yesterday, smells gorgeous.) And thanks for all the rest - it will take me some time to test all of this ;-)

Manuela from France


Customer Comments

Posted on 8-Aug-2013

Coty Chypre and Coty Les Muses

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with my purchases on your website. I received the Coty Chypre and Les Muses today and they are wonderful. I also love the Rochas Tocade I purchased from you a while back. Thanks so much for your very quick shipping!


Customer Comments

Posted on 9-Aug-2013

Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Jean Patou Caline

Elizabeth Arden Memoire Cherie

Hi Deb,

I wanted to let you know that your box arrived at my door this morning, surprisingly fast! I just opened the box, and have been greatly enjoying all the contents inside. All arrived in perfect order, and I was impressed how you managed with the 1000 with the broken cap, as it held fine. So wanted to make sure you knew that all arrived safely. The box had a very small hole put in the side, no doubt due to one of the postal office's sharp instruments they use in processing, but thanks to how you packed, and your many layers and generous cushioning of bubble wrap none of the items including the box were impacted in any way.

The Vol de Nuit is exquisite, I keep smelling my wrist, as it is heavenly, and beyond anything similar that I've ever smelled. I am thrilled to have it, Deb, and thank you for being the one to provide it for me. I was rather agonizing over the cost, but it is an investment of a lifetime to experience something rare and wonderful like this, and I feel this vintage perfume concentration is unequaled in anything modern that could be smelled today. I can smell at times the creamiest sandalwood that I think I've ever smelled in my life and the harmony of the notes is incredible. I can see now why so many reviews suggest that if you can possibly get hold of some and can afford it, to buy the perfume extrait.

The Memoire Cherie is a beautiful dark chypre, and I know that this version especially (the bath oil concentration) is quite rare to find, and it smells very fine to me, and am very happy to have it for my collection. I love it and feel Elizabeth Arden had some really fine fragrances in her time, in spite of France being the leader in these things. If you find the Blue Grass at some point, let me know.

I love the Caline, and am really glad that I experienced it--very worth it to me to buy this charming little bottle from you at that price to get a chance to try it, as it's harder to find--again, it's amazing the difference in times and expectations to see what passed for a "young woman" fragrance in Europe at this time and what now passes with all the sweet, fruity/vanilla gourmand and bubble gum type scents! (I have to say I prefer their tastes back then!) I also of course love the 1000, and though I have smelled it previously, I have not had the chance to experience the perfume strength since childhood. This is a great perfume.



Customer Comments

Posted on 1-Jan-2013

Emeraude, Toujours Moi, Bal a Versailles, Perhaps

From Netherlands

Hi Deb,

Happy New Year! Hope that this year will bring you lots of luck!
Thanks for sending the perfumes in excellent state and thanks again for the full bottle of corday!
My mom was very pleased :).
Nayib and mom

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