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Customer Comments

Posted on 6-Jul-2013


Baccarat Limited Edition Nocturnes

Hi Deb

Just dropping you a quick line here to let you know that the Baccarat bottle we bought from you arrived this morning. Needless to say my Mother's very pleased with it and also with the quick arrival as well! Thanks once again for all your assistance.



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Posted on 28-May-2013

Chamade, Arpege, Chanel No 5

Hi Deb
Iím just overjoyed with my latest selection from you. The Chanel lives 100% up to my memory. This particular vintage is not nearly as animalic as my older bottle. I love it.

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful as to how you packed the Chamade. The bottle and perfume are both lovely. Iím so pleased to have it, only having the pure parfum. Now I can layer when I wish.

The Arpege is in mint condition. I havenít opened it, having two open bottles already. Judging by the lovely color and the cleanness of the bottle, it will be a delight.

The little Coty was quite a surprise. Itís a totally different way of interpreting lily of the valley than Diorissimo, which I am actually wearing today as it happens. Once again, your lovely offerings have added to both my learning and my experience.

Thanks again and keep the goodies coming on your site.

Til the next time.



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Posted on 18-Aug-2014

Guerlain Paris

Vol de Nuit 1 oz Extrait with 2 boxes.

Hi Deb,

Perfume arrived on Friday and I just got to open it today, its PERFECT!! I'm so happy with my purchase. Will be recommending you and keeping an eye on your listings for future perfumes, it sounds like you have an amazing collection! Thanks so much for your help. This was actually my first delve into vintage and I'm so glad it was a good start.

Thanks so much,



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Posted on 10-Dec-2014

Guerlain Mitsouko

1960s sealed 2 oz Parfum with box

Dear Deb,

Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful perfume which arrived safe and sound today! It smells incredible and I am utterly delighted with this purchase and the speed and safety with which you sent it.

Please let me know of any similar bottles of Mitsouko that you have for sale. Anything that is approximately this old and in this type of condition would be wonderful.

Thank you!


Customer Comments

Posted on 13-Dec-2014

J Giraud Fils Idilio

Hi Deb,

The Giraud and Maiton bottles arrived yesterday, safe and sound. Thanks for packing them so well!

Thank you also for taking the time to find these bottles for me, as well as the others you found for my consideration. It is appreciated.

I will be checking in on your site more often, so I don't lose out on anything, as I did the Maderas de Oriente. Have a wonderful holiday season!



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Posted on 14-Feb-2014

Estee Lauder

Quince Blossom Flacon

Dear Deb,

a quick note to let you know I received your flacon today. I love it.

A big thank you.

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Posted on 14-Feb-2014

Guerlain Vol de Nuit

Hi Deb!

I have received my package today and I am extremely happy with it!! Haven't tried them all, just the Vol the Nuit for now. I want to savor every moment!! It smells so different from the current version, it's even more unique and mysterious! It puts me the greatest of moods!

Thank you so much for everything!

Customer Comments

Posted on 15-Feb-2014

Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass

Dear Deb,

You came to mind today and I realized that I had not written you back the last time you wrote. I really enjoyed your letter and all you shared, so I wanted to say a belated thank you, and I hope that you had great success over Christmas with some of your rare and extra large size vintage perfume sales--also the special perfume you created sounds heavenly. Anything that smells close to Vol de Nuit floats my boat! I love the bottle I bought from you and feel fortunate to have a rare 1950's bottle of it.

I wish L'Heure Bleue were not so expensive...I feel fortunate to have your eau de toilette from the 60s which is a very nice version, as you had told me, and I got a few other bottles on Ebay. I just checked in at Ebay for the first time in a long time and plugged in "L'heure Bleue" and it never fails to amaze me how high the prices go!

Nothing much new at my end in the perfume world, but have been enjoying wearing various ones, and have worn more to work than I used to. No-one has said anything yet!

I hope that 2014 is a very good year for you, and that all is going very well with you and your family.

Warmest regards,


Customer Comments

Posted on 11-Sep-2014

Guerlain Apres L'ondee

Hi Deb,

The bottle just's such a beautiful bottle. I love it.

Thanks for your help and great service. Your packaging worked perfectly!



Customer Comments

Posted on 3-Aug-2015

Molinard Habanita

Hi Deb,

The Habanita is fabulous! It contains all the notes I love. The reformulation actually compares favorably in terms of its notes, but the balance is quite different - the original is smokier and creamier, more leathery, subtler, with greater depth - the reformulation is clearly marked by synthetics that smell good, but lack dimension (especially in the dry down). This original is right up there with Zibeline for me, perhaps even supplanting it (tied with Golliwog, but in a different way). I do not find any discordant notes in the vintage Habanita, it's a perfect blend and the dry down is just heaven. I'll be buying more of this in the future.

Thank you, too, for the sample of Bandit, which I really like and find intriguing - I do agree with you, it would be a difficult scent for a woman to pull off, but it's wonderfully constructed and I'm delighted to have it.


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Posted on 11-Feb-2015

Valois and Caron N'Aimez Que Moi

Got the Package!

Thanks so much, both are wonderful.

and the stopper to the Valois -- its EXACTLY like the one I have on another bottle but in yellow, I can match each petal nuance -- I have to do more digging - the other yellow stopper is allegedly from a LaMay bottle - I suspect they are both made by same company (back then lots of perfume companies did business with same stopper/bottle makers) - and you are right, it fits your bottle exactly - my LeMay bottle does not have a label, so it could have been a marriage, it fits well too but I have not had any liquid in it - yours has stood the test of time.

I will keep you posted! thanks again.



Customer Comments

Posted on 12-Feb-2015

1960s Guerlain L'Heure Bleue

Hi Deb,

My hubby brought the package in--Thursday is my marathon babysit-my-grandson day. I'm usually gone from 6 am to about 5 pm, so I had to delay gratification.....

And was it ever worth it! Oh my gosh! I took a few pics before cutting the strings and then took the plunge. The stopper wasn't an issue at all, and I promptly doused myself. You were right. This is absolutely divine.

I must admit that plunking money down like this can be intimidating (over the internet sight unseen), but I am very, very pleased! Thank you for suggesting this bottle. It was worth every penny. I will definitely shop with you for any future vintage needs.

And thank you for the sample of Ses Fleurs. I am looking forward to trying it.



Customer Comments

Posted on 27-Jun-2015

Weil Secret de Venus, Worth Je Reviens

Dear Deb,

I don't know how to begin to thank you for the Zibeline, Je Reviens, and beautiful decanting bottle with pipette. Oh, how those scents transport me! I so appreciate the care with which you packed everything, there was not a drop spilled and no damage of any kind. I'm in Seventh Heaven. The Patou decanting bottle is exquisite.

I think that I have found a buyer for something I'm selling, and if the sale goes through on Monday, I will be making more purchases from you. I'm particularly interested in your 1/4 oz vintage Mitsouko extract (item #1029), your vintage unopened Je Reviens 1 oz Huile de Bain (item #117), and the sealed 1 oz SDV Zibeline oil that I was originally considering buying last week (blue and white box, item #98).

Again, my thanks for everything - perfumes, decanting bottle and pipette, your sage advice and counsel about fragrance, your superb customer service.

Best wishes,


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Posted on 2-Nov-2015

Caron Tabac Blond, Molinard Habanita, Guerlain L'Heure Bleue


The package arrived today and everything was absolutely perfect. I might call you about opening the sealed bottle in a day or so if I can't do it.

Funny - I just remembered what you said about Tabac Blond being almost addictive - that is the first perfume I went rummaging through the box for and am wearing it while I enjoy a glass of wine and wait żfor the ambition to broil a steak. My cat likes it too & is keeping my feet warm. Life is good :



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Posted on 31-Oct-2015

F. Millot Bois Precieux

Hi Deb!

I received the F. Millot Bois Precieux this evening and the stopper came off easily with a twist. I bet that the air pressure from the plane helped loosen it. I have to tell you that the box and the bottle are so amazing! But the smell of the perfume is just "out of this world" beautiful. It has a soft woodsy and musky smell that has the most beautiful energy and several layers of scents perfectly blended.

Thank you so much!. I really wish I knew the story of who owned this perfume and why they didn't use it. I wonder what year this is from. It smells heavenly and so does the Caron perfume I got from you. I treasure them. I will wait for the sample of the Amalie scent and let you know what I think. Enjoy your weekend.

Thanks, LeeAnn


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Posted on 19-Feb-2016

Myrurgia Suspiro Granada

Got the perfume and it's divine.... thank you very much. If you find the other let me know and I'm always looking for Myrurgia ... they're wonderful.


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Posted on 19-Feb-2016

Weil Secret de Venus Zibeline Bath Oil


Just a note to let you know that the perfume oil arrived safely today!

Many thanks, Kaye

Oh, and I would love to know whether there is any difference in Secret of Venus and Secret de Venus!! Would you please let me know whether it is just in the translation, or whether they are different at all?? Just my curiosity, and you would be one of the only people now who would know!!

All the best,

Same perfume, just different people call it differently.

Customer Comments

Posted on 18-Feb-2016

Hi Deb,

Thanks so much for the very careful packaging. Everything arrived in tip top shape. There are so many perfumes Iím feeling a bit overwhelmed so I think I shall wait for the weekend, when Iím less frazzled, to really check out both the bottles and their contents. Right off the bat, though, I love the LíHeure Bleue bottle - it is darling :) Thank you for helping me with the choices. I really went way over my perfume budget but I got a little carried away. You said you love perfume and I do, too, and so many of the perfumes you described seemed irresistible. I really would have loved to have them all! You must enjoy you collection very much. Iím sure you have more vintage perfumes than Iíve ever seen in my life :-)

Thank you again. Iím really looking forward to the weekend. The big question will be- what do I smell first! (Probably it will be the Coty!)

All the best,



Customer Comments

Posted on 12-Jan-2016

Jean Desprez

Bal a Versailles

Hi Deb

Just wanted to say a big thank you for my order which arrived today in perfect condition. The BaV had not leaked at all and the bottle, perfume and box are absolutely exquisite. I am so thrilled to have this precious item. I rescued it from the post box in 40 degree weather and put it into my cool perfume cupboard immediately. It is absolutely lovely, thank you so much.

Regards, Dendry from Australia


Customer Comments

Posted on 30-Mar-2017


Le Narcisse Noir

Dear Deb,

The perfume arrived and was so wonderful! I love the way you package so that I don't have to worry about getting an empty bottle. I didn't transfer it back in, I want the original bottle to be pristine.

Thank you so much :)

Best wishes, Margaret



Posted on 2-Dec-2023

Roger & Gallet


Hi Deb,

I couldn't wait and opened my Santalia - I didn't wear it because I'll officially wear it on Mother's Day.... but just handling it - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It smells absolutely amazing and perfect. Thank you for the care in wrapping, the pipette and the little pink bow! Thanks for parting with it and sending it to my house. I will wear it with joy and appreciation.

Thanks again - I really appreciate your help and kindness.


and in a later email...

The Santalia Essence you sold me is probably the best thing I've smelled. Thanks again. I'm gonna wear it each Mother's day and probably my birthday too.


Customer Comments

Posted on 16-Jan-2024

Corday Zigane Perfume

Hello and happy new year,
I have received safely Corday. Thank you very much for shipping to France. Have a good day,

Inquire about a bottle

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