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Perfume Lines

Posted on 13-Jun-2012

Keiko Mecheri

Bespoke Collection

Anyone reading my blog probably knows I have thousands of perfumes and have been on a quest to smell all great perfumes for 10+ years. Well, I thought I would share info on one of my favorite perfume lines.

I discovered Keiko Mecheri about 8 years ago, and have loved every one of her perfumes. Each are unique. While my favoritie is the original Loukhoum, I have 21 of their perfumes. I just recently acquired one from their Bespoke Collection which was just released this year. Yes, they are very expensive, but the presentation is gorgeous. First I purchased the Mihime which is described as a cherry bloosom perfume released in 2006. I think of it more as a powdery floral chypre. Second, I received the Vetiver Velours from her Bespoke Collection, which is described as featuring vetiver, woodsy notes, spices, musk and agarwood (Oud). It is the most powdery perfume I have ever smelled. The Oud kicks in after a few mintues, and this is not a perfume for the frivilous teenager. This is a strong Vetiver perfume for the confident woman or man, who is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. It is as advertised, absolute luxury.

Customer Comments

Posted on 28-Jun-2012

Cherigan Fleurs de Tabac


I swear you must have hand delivered the Cherigan Fleurs De Tabac by hand because it arrived so quickly!

I am absolutely beside myself with not only the fragrance itself, but the generous samples you supplied!! I tried the Cherigan first upon arrival and fell in love right away. Beautiful and REALLY long lasting. It was still on me this morning! I understand its "cult status" now and am so happy you were able to provide it to me!

I intend to try both the Lubin Fumee and the Havana Weed Oil over the next two days. I will let you know my thoughts for sure!

Deb, you have a customer for life in me. You have not only been kind and friendly, but you are helping to expand my knowledge and horizons regarding fragrance. I am new to this and learning everyday and you are helping me in many ways!

Perfume Collecting

Posted on 28-Jun-2012

Evaluating Alcohol Content

Not sure what it is I am going to say, so much has been going on lately. Lots of sales and lots of new friends. Thank you everyone, it gives me great pleasure to share by passion for perfume with you.

I think of many things I want to share with you and don't write them down when I think of them. I wanted to talk about percentages of alcohol and types of alcohol that is used in perfumes and how to identify the best to buy. I thought it all out in my head, but of course I didn't have the chance to post it in the blog. I think of these thinks late at night, and I am so busy late at night with emails and digging through boxes to find the perfume bottles going out the next day, that the thoughts are lost when I lay down to sleep. Many times I share these ideas in emails with you individually, so if you see a snippet from an email we shared appear in the blog, don't be surprised. I was just lucky to have shared the thoughts with you that was on my mind throughout that day, and got to write them down.

I will have to scan through emails and find the parts where I have been talking about alcohol and I will post them here soon.

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