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Customer Comments

Posted on 8-Aug-2013

Coty Chypre and Coty Les Muses

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with my purchases on your website. I received the Coty Chypre and Les Muses today and they are wonderful. I also love the Rochas Tocade I purchased from you a while back. Thanks so much for your very quick shipping!


Summer is Here!

Posted on 8-Aug-2013

Tuberose are in Bloom

Tribute to my Sister

Next week it will be 3 years since my sister departed my life. I miss her. Ten years ago I gave her 3 Tuberose bulbs which she planted and grew and loved. So I gave her a couple more the next year. After she died I inherited some of the bulbs and I planted them in a planter on my patio. Last December I bought 3 more bulbs and planted all my bulbs in February. Here is the result - My Tubersose Harvest.

Customer Comments

Posted on 9-Aug-2013

Guerlain Vol de Nuit, Jean Patou Caline

Elizabeth Arden Memoire Cherie

Hi Deb,

I wanted to let you know that your box arrived at my door this morning, surprisingly fast! I just opened the box, and have been greatly enjoying all the contents inside. All arrived in perfect order, and I was impressed how you managed with the 1000 with the broken cap, as it held fine. So wanted to make sure you knew that all arrived safely. The box had a very small hole put in the side, no doubt due to one of the postal office's sharp instruments they use in processing, but thanks to how you packed, and your many layers and generous cushioning of bubble wrap none of the items including the box were impacted in any way.

The Vol de Nuit is exquisite, I keep smelling my wrist, as it is heavenly, and beyond anything similar that I've ever smelled. I am thrilled to have it, Deb, and thank you for being the one to provide it for me. I was rather agonizing over the cost, but it is an investment of a lifetime to experience something rare and wonderful like this, and I feel this vintage perfume concentration is unequaled in anything modern that could be smelled today. I can smell at times the creamiest sandalwood that I think I've ever smelled in my life and the harmony of the notes is incredible. I can see now why so many reviews suggest that if you can possibly get hold of some and can afford it, to buy the perfume extrait.

The Memoire Cherie is a beautiful dark chypre, and I know that this version especially (the bath oil concentration) is quite rare to find, and it smells very fine to me, and am very happy to have it for my collection. I love it and feel Elizabeth Arden had some really fine fragrances in her time, in spite of France being the leader in these things. If you find the Blue Grass at some point, let me know.

I love the Caline, and am really glad that I experienced it--very worth it to me to buy this charming little bottle from you at that price to get a chance to try it, as it's harder to find--again, it's amazing the difference in times and expectations to see what passed for a "young woman" fragrance in Europe at this time and what now passes with all the sweet, fruity/vanilla gourmand and bubble gum type scents! (I have to say I prefer their tastes back then!) I also of course love the 1000, and though I have smelled it previously, I have not had the chance to experience the perfume strength since childhood. This is a great perfume.


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