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Miniature Perfume Bottles

ID# 1437

1/8 oz Parfum with Box

  • Unused with some evaporation. This was part of a Ciro collection of unused 5 perfumes that I am breaking up and selling separately. I also have another set of 5 Ciro mini perfumes, with different inner boxes that is also for sale.
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  • Price: $ 25

    Item 1437

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ID# 1447

1/8 oz Parfum with box

  • Part of a set of 5 Ciro Coffret perfumes I am selling separately. This box has a tear on the hinge from someone being too eager to get the bottle out of the box. Still displays correctly. A small tear on the cardboard inside the box from the same previous owner. The cap on the bottle shows some wear. They must have enjoyed this perfume as it is only half full.
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  • Price: $ 18

    Item 1447

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ID# 1440

Toujours Moi
1/8 oz Perfume

  • Unused and still in original packaging. So cute. Some scratches to outer packaging. This is different than Toujours Toi.
    It was a favorite I mine for awhile when I first started collecting perfume. Ahh. Incense on aldehyde powder. If you like Shalimar you will love Corday Toujours Moi. This is the perfect size to sample a classic perfume before spending the money for a full bottle.

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  • Price: $ 25

    Item 1440

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ID# 1448

Voulez Vous
1/4 oz Parfum

  • I have 5 of these all new in the box. I cut the cellophane on this one where the top meets the bottom so I could keep the cellophane protecting the top and bottom.

    Voulez-Vous was originally launched in 1935 and it is an intensely green floral chypre with hints of tobacco and civet. I would guess these are from the 1950s.

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  • Price: $ 20

    Item 1448

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ID# 561

Shalimar Initial
1/8 oz EDP

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