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Happy New Year!

Posted on 3-Jan-2024

Buying old perfume bottles on Ebay

So I bought an old bottle on ebay last week and it arrived. What a sad state it was in. But it was an unheard of, very old Houbigant bottle.

Cleaned up the bottle and reconstituted the resin left in the bottle with some perfumer's alcohol. And this is a fabulous scent. The bottle looks like it was a men's fragrance, but the scent is totally wearable by both sexes. I am so happy to have found it. You never know what you find on ebay.

I thought I would show you what magic I can do with these old perfumes. Don't mind the label in the photo of the cleaned up bottle. It is still wet from being cleaned up. It will dry in time.

Website Updating

Posted on 9-Jan-2024

New features coming soon.

I have been working for weeks on redesigning the website. I have many miniature perfumes but have avoided listing them on the website as they would clutter up the website. So I have created a new domain and website just for miniature perfumes. In the future when you click on a link to see miniatures it will take you to Mini-Perfume I have owned this domain for 10 years and was using it for the mobile interface to Luv Parfum. But I have created a new interface for mobile users and freed up the mini-perfume domain. It is coming a long smoothly. I am still working on writing to the new database of miniatures, so that I can keep track of where an item is when someone buys it. Trying to keep the inventory separated. I am also trying to make it mobile user friendly. I am working on the graphics and will switch the links in Luv Parfum to go to that address soon. But you can visit the domain now and purchase there as it is running good.

Customer Comments

Posted on 16-Jan-2024

Corday Zigane Perfume

Hello and happy new year,
I have received safely Corday. Thank you very much for shipping to France. Have a good day,

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