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Up and Running Again

Posted on 12-Apr-2022

I have finally retrieved my perfumes from storage. I have 59 banker boxes full of perfumes. It has been so long since I listed new stuff online and I am unfamiliar with where the perfumes are that were listed online, so today I removed around 100 listings that I am unsure of which box they are in. I will start going through a box at a time and list those perfumes to make it easy on everyone. I have had to cancel around 30 sales over the last two years as I just didn't know what box the perfumes were in and my storage locker was 3 hours away from me. I left the listings online that I know what box they are in. If you previously wanted a bottle and I refunded your money please contact me if you are still interested and I will hunt down those bottles.

Posted on 20-Apr-2022

Born on this day in 1879

Celebrating the Legendary Paul Poiret

One of the first French fashion designers to reach world renown. He began his career by selling sketches to prominent dressmakers in Paris. He went on to be hired by Jacque Doucet and the House of Worth. He opened his own house in 1903. He was known for his brazen modernity in his designs. He threw lavish parties and had flamboyant window displays. He paved the way for marketing and brand promotion. In 1911, he expanded his business and added a line of perfumes. He released the iconic "Parfums de Rosine", pictured below. WWII was hard on him after his service in the military and his House went bankrupt.

Only the help of his friend Elsa Schiaparelli prevented his name from encountering complete oblivion, and it was Schiaparelli that paid for Poiret's burial in 1944.

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