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Posted on 6-Oct-2021

I'm back online

As my regular customers are aware I took a long break during the pandemic. I caught Covid-19 twice and 2020 was a terrible year, so I just shut down everything. I put all my perfumes into storage and making sales over the last year has just been impossible.

I am now gearing back up. I have marked many perfumes as currently not available as they are deep in my storage locker and I am not sure what box they are in and unless a customer is buying a lot of perfumes I can't go digging into boxes for just a $30 bottle. Once I get my perfumes out of storage I will mark these items available or sold as the case may be. I will be adding perfumes one box at a time for awhile and am revamping the website to remove the bottles not currently available so it is easier to navigate and find items that are available.

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