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Happy Fourth of July

Posted on 4-Jul-2014

Long live America!

I just want to take a moment and give thanks for living in America. As Americans, we take for granted our lifestyle and values. But there are millions of people in the world who aren't Americans and see us as indulgent and arrogant and self absorbed people. What they don't understand, is that although it is true, what we need is more communication with foreigners so we can put our lives into perspective with the rest of the world, and be humble and grateful and be ever watchful for ways we can share and help people to improve their own lives. I am such a person, and am ever willing to share and exchange ideas with the rest of the world. Our country isn't perfect, but that is the point, we are a union of states that operate under a guideline of ideas, most of which are intended to allow each citizen the right to express themselves and determine their own destiny. Lofty ideals and as such, we are in a constant state of evolution. To the extent that Twitter, Facebook and other social sites have their roots in America, our ideals are spreading throughout the world, even into the most isolated places. And as an American, I am proud that Freedom of Speech, which is my most treasured right as an American; is catching on everywhere. Long live the World!

Guerlain Paris

Posted on 18-Jul-2014

New Arrivals

I have a new lot of Guerlains to list on the website. If you see something you want more info on before I get around to listing them, let me know.

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