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Organizing My Collection

Posted on 21-Sep-2013

I have been trying to reorganize my collection, moving bottles from one box into another box where I can group bottles by the brands. I have so many duplicates that it gets confusing when I take photos and then go to list bottles on the website. If you are looking for something specific drop me an email, as I probably have it somewhere.

I am also reorganizing how the website works and I have been moving items into my Clearance section, so I can add more bottles to the main section, without making it arduous to scroll through the hundreds of bottles. So make sure you check the Clearance section as there are some great bargains there.


Posted on 28-Sep-2013

No 22

If you have read my previous blog entries you might know that I worked in a department store in the 1970s that had a perfume counter right next to the Notions counter where I worked. I use to dowse myself in Chanel everyday. Until yesterday, I thought it was No 5 that I use to wear. It was not. It was No 22. I opened a sealed bottle from the 1970s yesterday, and could not believe that I had finally recaptured that glorious scent I use to wear.

And I have to laugh after reading some online reviews of No 22. Being a perfumer, I have a completely different perspective of its ingredients than other reviewers. I do not smell white flowers on top of aldehydes. I would classify it as a Muguet heavy on the Civet and leather notes. It is wonderful! Of course, the reviews I read is for the modern No 22 available now only at the Chanel in Paris. Which may be a white floral perfume now. But if you get the chance to buy a sealed vintage bottle of No 22, buy it. You will not be disappointed.

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