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Posted on 12-Jun-2013

A long history

Many people associate Faberge with the 1970s, and the infamous Woodhue. But Faberge was actually around in the 1930s when they released their exotic Tigress perfume. Tigress may have been in line with the other fragrances of 1938, but in the 1970s, it seemed wicked, sexy and appropriate for a night out partying. It is warm, tenacious and spicy.

I have many bottles of Tigress, including bath oils and parfum.

Summer is Here!

Posted on 27-Jun-2013


I love the summer. There is always so much to do in maintaining my yardscapes. I have a walkway down the side of my house that only gets sun a short period of the day, and has a beautiful bouganvilla arching over the walkway, so it has always looked dirty. So I contemplated what to do. I decided to paint it. But not just a solid color. I created a faux brick/slate look. It has been time consuming, now having been working on it for two months. I am only half done. It was killing my knees so I am taking a break. But I thought I would share some photos so you know why I haven't been adding new items for sale nor writing in the blog.

Guerlain Paris

Posted on 28-Jun-2013

The very best!

I was reading online yesterday and I read that Guerlain was voted as the best Perfume House of 2012 and that Shalimar was voted the best perfume of all time. I can't argue with that at all. I have no less than 50 bottles of Shalimar perfume. This last year I have become obsessed with Vol de Nuit. That is amazing perfume! I wear it everyday. And L'Heure Bleu has baffled me for years. I have many, many bottles of L'Heure Bleu and everyone of them smell different from the next. That is frustrating. But Mitsouko is mind blowingly good. That is my latest obsession.

And I thought only the older bottles were the ones to buy, but I bought a newer 1 oz bottle of parfum this week and it is just as good as the vintage ones. I am wearing a newer Mitsouko on my left shoulder and a 1962 version on my right shoulder and I can smell the difference between the two, but neither is clear cut better than the other. The 60s version, has more of a musky, old rose smell, but I don't smell an absence of anything from one version to another. The synthetic Oakmoss used today is just as good as the Oakmoss used 50 years ago. In fact, that just might be the difference right there. Old Oakmoss has a musky old building smell to it. Not necessarily something I want to smell like all day. I am not saying I wouldn't wear vintage Mitsouko. But when you smell the two next to each other, I think you would see what I mean that each is just as good as the other.

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