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Posted on 3-Jul-2013

Narcisse Noir


I am organizing my collection and weeding out my duplicates. I seem to have too many Narcisse Noirs so I will be adding them for sell. I have several 2 oz with boxes, two 1 oz with boxes, and two 1/2 oz size with boxes. And several loose bottles. And one very large, probably 6 oz empty bottle. I have never seen another so large. It was not a factice as it has a faint Narcisse Noir smell.

Customer Comments

Posted on 6-Jul-2013


Baccarat Limited Edition Nocturnes

Hi Deb

Just dropping you a quick line here to let you know that the Baccarat bottle we bought from you arrived this morning. Needless to say my Mother's very pleased with it and also with the quick arrival as well! Thanks once again for all your assistance.


Favorite Perfume

Posted on 17-Jul-2013

Is there such a notion?

I own thousands of perfume bottles, and I go through phases where one perfume seems better to me than another. But I love many perfumes. Right now I am in a Guerlain phase and can't get enough of them. Vol de Nuit seduces me, Nahema and Ode take my breath away, L'Heure Bleue baffles me, and lately Mitsouko is the one I wear to bed so I can dream of faraway places. I own around 50 Shalimars, so I obviously love that one too. I wear Shalimar Sensational Body Lotion everyday. Wonderful!

But I am equally charmed by the house of Coty. I will kill for a 1930 Asuma parfum unopened. Or a Coty Le Vertige. Even though I own both opened and enjoy them immensely, I would still jump at the chance to buy another.

Weil Secret de Venus Zibeline is heavenly. And so is the scarce Cassandra. But my most beloved vintage perfume oil is Dana Tabu.

Corday Toujours Moi was my favorite perfume to wear last year.

Worth Dans la Nuit is beautiful and I love it.

Tuvache Reverie and Lubin Nuit de Longchamp are two Chypre perfumes that are similar and I love them as well. But Raphael Replique has to be one of my very favorites and I dab some on my wrist every single day. Can't live without it! These perfumes have a healthy dose of Citronella which drive me wild with desire.

But if you ask me what my favorite flower is, it would have to be Violets. I like my violets in a soliflore perfume. Just give me violet straight up on the rocks. lol. Violet does not need a composition, just give it to me all by itself. ahhhh. The best vintage Violet perfumes would have to be by Berdoues and Yardley. (It is actually a toss up for favorite flower as I love Tuberose as well. Robert Piguet Fracas and Narcotic Venus by Nasomatto take the prize for best Tuberose perfumes.)

Best rose perfumes are by Jean Patou, Joy and 1000.

Best vintage Carnation perfume would have to be either Rogers & Gallet Blue Carnation or Lentheric Tweed.

As for new perfume houses, I love Keiko Mecherie, Frederic Malle, Serge Luten, Nasomotto, and Kenzo. My favorite winter scent to wear is Keiko Mecherie Loukhoum. Yummy!

And then I come down to Molinard Habanita. It has moved up the scale of perfume love to first place lately. I am hoarding 12 sealed 1 oz bottles of parfum. Molinard is no longer selling the parfum in the US and they have changed their formula and the new formula is more carnation than ever. I prefer the vintage formula which smells closer to Vol de Nuit.

As you can see, I have no favorite. I love them all!

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