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Perfume Review

Posted on 11-Apr-2013

Caron Bain De Champagne

I don't write reviews on perfume very often. There are so many websites that review perfumes that there is no reason for me to try to describe a perfume when others have already done appropriate justice to the perfume. But I just have to speak up in defense of Caron Bain De Champagne. I bought a bottle awhile back, very cheaply on ebay. It was sealed, with half the perfume evaporated. I finally opened the bottle today. Then I went to the perfume review sites and can't believe the varying opinions about this beauty. I must have a particularly great bottle because it is fantastic. As a perfumer, who is familiar with scents in their pure form, I have to say that I don't smell lilac or anything resembling a soapy bubble bath, nor champagne. What I smell is Mimosa and Lavender over Amber. While I would say it could easily be worn by men and women, I find it very sexy and inviting; warm and mysterious. I happen to love Mimosa so this perfume is quite the surprise to me. And the price is unbeleivable. I highly recommend grabbing a bottle of this when you see it on ebay. Especially if it is vintage.

Customer Comments

Posted on 11-Apr-2013

Guerlain Vol de Nuit Parfum

Hi Deb,

I just got your lovely package, thank you so much!!! Everything is in perfect condition, thank you for the care you took with the beautiful Vol de Nuit perfume. (I just sniffed it from the bottle yesterday, smells gorgeous.) And thanks for all the rest - it will take me some time to test all of this ;-)

Manuela from France

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