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Creating your personal perfume

As a skilled perfumer, I'll create a unique aroma blend just for you. You tell me
what you like, what perfumes have attracted you before, and together, we will profile
your likes and dislikes of the basic scents and find the combinations that will improve
your well being and envelope you in your fragrance. We will record your "secret" custom blend
formula it will be available for ordering and reordering whenever you like.
Choose a parfum, eau de parfum, or cologne.

View custom fragrances available

Sample 2 ml
$ 10.00
Parfum 1/4 oz (7 ml)
$ 45.00
Parfum 1/2 oz (15 ml)
$ 75.00
Eau de Parfum 1 oz
$ 40.50
Travel Size Cologne 1/6 oz
$ 22.00

You can also order our blended perfume sets from below

Cuir de Russie Sampler

These fragrances are variations of leather and tobacco notes.

Tabac Rose, Violette en Cuir, Poudre de Russie, Anglais en Cuir, Lys du Tabac, Tabac Fleur

Six 1.5 ml sample size vials in a gift box.
Each is a complex, chypre perfume containing Coumarin, Bulgarian Rose, Oakmoss, Civet, Muguet, Balsam, and Patchouli base with varying top and middle notes. - $45.00

Classic Scents

These fragrances are carefully blended by hand to bring out the essence of the flower itself

Rose Poudree, Jasmine, Mimosa, Valencia, Tubereuse & Vanilla

Six 1.5 ml sample size vials in a gift box.
Each is a single note floral perfume - $45.00

Exotic Scents

These fragrances are carefully blended by hand to wrap you in the luxury of the Orient

Santal Chypre, Woodhues, Tubereuse, Santa Canna, My Secret & Ses Fleurs

Six 1.5 ml sample size vials in a gift box.
Each is a complex, floral perfume - $45.00

How to wear and store your perfume

Choosing a perfume is exciting and fun. It's my desire to create a scent that can be a life companion for you. One that will leave a signature, an olfactory image of you, wherever you go.

If you are out in a store, you can make a selection of perfumes with sprays to smell on a piece of paper (or mouillette). Once this pre-selection has been made, it is advised to try the fragrance directly on your skin: body warmth will bring out its olfactory dimensions.

A perfume takes time to open up, to reach the peak of its beauty and its expression, always by successive stages.

In 60% of the cases, it's within 12 seconds that the choice of a perfume is made. It's the head note that leaps to the nose. Three to four minutes later, it reveals its heart ; one hour later, you discover the last piece of the puzzle, which is called the depth and lets you understand how the perfume lives and opens up on your skin.

You can then try the perfume on your skin. That's where the alchemy happens. The inside of the wrist or of the elbow, or on the neck and under the ear are the best places, where the skin is warmed by the veins. You can also spray a bit of perfume in a room, to verify the persistence and strength of the perfume.

If you wear the same fragrance every day or nearly, its conservation will be no problem. You should just avoid placing the bottle near a source of heat or in the sunlight.

However, if you use several perfumes, according to the circumstances, it is advised to not buy big bottles, but just renew them more often. After a year, an open, but still full bottle will have all its aromas intact. But if the bottle is, for example, half empty, the presence of air alters the contents and ends up changing its nature. An unopened bottle will conserve its odor and strength for years. Nevertheless, the perfume's colour can change. But for all of that, don't think that the fragrance has been harmed, the perfume continues living because the primary materials are always evolving.

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