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Vintage Perfume & Vanity items from 1900 to 1990s

Ma Griffe
1/2 oz Parfum

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  • Another lovely Chypre perfume from the 1940s. They really made great Chypres between 1930 and 1957. This is another great perfume for the perfumista collection of classic scents.

    Ma Griffe was launched in 1946. The nose behind this fragrance was Jean Carles.

    Top notes are aldehydes, gardenia, green notes, asafoetida, clary sage and lemon; middle notes are iris, orange blossom, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are labdanum, sandalwood, cinnamon, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver and styrax.

    Bottle was sealed and received a small injury to the stopper when it was opened. I didn't even see it until I looked closely at the photo. Not noticeable. Great foil label. Bottle stands 3 1/4" tall and is 80% full of original perfume in wearable condition.

  • sold

Robe d'un Soir
Vintage NIB 1/6 oz Parfum

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  • Unused, in great condition.
  • sold

Rue de la Paix
c1920s Goutte Flacon

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  • This is a very early Eau de Toilette flacon that was first used in 1923, made by Pochet et du Courval. It has natural aged patina on the stopper that is quite beautiful, and there is also the tax stamp on the bottom of the bottle, in great condition. There are bubbles in the glass, and some perfume residue left in bottle. Stopper is on tight.

    Don't be confused by the many similar bottles that are out there. This bottle has a wide lip on the neck and the body shape is slightly different. This identifies it as made in the early 20s. Guerlain used the Goutte bottle up until 2001. This bottle was also made by different manufacturers over the years, but it was created as the standard Eau de Toilette presentation. The frosted glass stopper is made of two cockle shells, the label depicts two dolphins known as Etiquette Dauphin. This bottle held over 30 different perfumes. Rue de la Paix was once an important street of Parisian fashion and fashionable society, before it moved further to avenue Montaigne - Champs Elysées area. The Guerlain perfume (named after their shop located in the now so famous jewellers street) wanted to capture that atmosphere of fashion, style and good taste as it was perceived in the Belle Époque Era.

    Rue de la Paix is a very sweet jasmin-rose perfume with a amber base. Rue de la Paix is exactly what good taste was supposed to be in that time. Harmony, a bit of everything, not too much flowers, not too much amber, not too sweet. If you compare Rue de la Paix with L'Heure Bleue or Shalimar - those are different worlds and an example of how tastes changed.

    Bottle stands 6.5" tall and can hold 8.4 oz of perfume.

  • sold

Narcissus Perfume Bottle
1930s French bottle

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  • This is a very cool bottle. It has its label around the neck stating it is Narcissus and the one on the back says Vivienne, Reg. Pat. Pending, New York Paris. It has enamelled flowers on the front side, and the foil label with the name of the perfume on the back side. Has a blue stopper, that I don't know if is original or not. The size makes sense to the size of the bottle but the cork has been replaced and so it is not possible to authenticate if the blue colored stopper was part of he original design of the bottle. Sure looks great with the blue stopper. I don't recall seeing another blue stopper like this on any bottle. So the stopper alone is cool, and then the bottle is so unique. Great display piece as it pops out at you in a group of bottles. Real eyecatcher! Can't find any information about this company.

    I can date the bottle by the fact that it has an applied bottom from a 3 part mold, which was just coming into fashion from 1929 on. Probably also has an applied neck, which would make it a 4 part mold.

  • sold

Prince Matchabelli
Abano Perfumed Bath Oil
3 bottles

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  • Prince Matchabelli Abano Perfumed Bath Oil bottles with crown shoulders and vertically ribbed gold tone screw-off lids. Each is 1" in diameter at their base and stand 2-1/2" tall.
  • sold

F. Milot
Crepe de Chine
NIB Boxed Presentation Set

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  • This rare presentation includes the Eau de Colgone and the Parfum in a satin lined box. Box measures 5" x 5" and has some light wear from age.
  • sold

Customer Comments
Desir du Coeur

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  • Hi Deb,

    The bottle just arrived....and it's beautiful! I love the little bottles. Thanks, too, for the tool to do the transfer. It worked great. I'll keep checking your site. As I mentioned, I'm looking for Caravane (Bienaime), Fugue by Roger & Gallet and Sheherazade (Jean Deprez) with boxes would be great.

    Thanks again, Adrienne

  • sold

Customer Comments
Miniature Perfume Bottles
Lanvin, Raphael, Worth, D'Orsay, Nina Ricci and others

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  • Deb,

    Thank you. I received today the miniatures. Some of them are really stunning. The Replique and Lanvin smell delicious.

    Delivery happened so fast, incredible.

    I am happy. Have a nice evening and thank you again.


  • sold

Sandrine Parfum
4.3 ml FULL

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  • First released in 1922 and now discontinued. It had a clear plastic cover over the base of the box, but I don't have the cover. I beleive this is from the early 1970s, although I saw that one sold on Worthpoint and the description said theirs was from the 1940s, and it looked exactly like mine, with the plastic cover. But since clear plastic wasn't used until the 1950s, their description seems like misinformation.

    Notes are Jasmine and Sandalwood. Really nice stuff in unused condition.

  • sold

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