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ID 912

Je Reviens
1/3 oz Parfum

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  • This was sealed in cellophane, but I removed the cellophane to take photos. It is a 1/3 oz purser of Je Reviens from the 1940-50s. It is full and perfectly wonderful.
  • available
  • Price: $ 35
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ID 1287

Yves Saint Laurent
1/4 oz Parfum NIB

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  • Still has cellophane around the box protecting it. I cut the cellophane to take photos. Not much if any evaporation. Hard to find in vintage formula.
  • available
  • Price: $ 70
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ID 1289

1 oz Parfum sealed with box

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  • How rare is this? To find a sealed bottle of Habanita with this much perfume and a pristine box! Just fabulous. I can smell the scent around the neck and it is the old formula and it is heavenly!

    It has a cellophane seal and is tied and is the best Habanita presentation I have ever had.

  • available
  • Price: $ 275
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ID 1290

L' Heure Bleue
1 1/2 oz Cologne spray NIB

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  • I have two of these gorgeous perfume sprays available. I removed the cellophane on one box to show the bottle inside. These are from the late 1960s, and the scent is the best of all versions of L'Heure Bleue. Trust me, I have smelled hundreds of bottles, this is the best scent. And these are in excellent condition with no evaporation. If you think you only like parfum you should try one of these sprays. You will be hooked like me on L'Heure Bleue Cologne sprays. They last and you can wear it on your clothes and smell divinely all day and night.

    Price is for one bottle.

  • sold
  • Price: $
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ID 1291

Toujours Moi
1/4 oz (7 ml) Parfum in box

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  • Unused and still has rubber plug in bottle. Has some evaporation but the scent around the neck is so concentrated it almost smells like Molinard Habanita. Just wonderful! One of my all time favorite perfumes. Yummy vanilla and incense.

    Box is nearly pristine condition.

  • available
  • Price: $ 40

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