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Commercial Perfume Bottles from the 1990s til Present

ID 540

Amandes Orientales
Authentic Montale sample with box

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  • This is a 2 ml sample of perfume by Montale. Amandes Orientales is a vanilla scent. Smoky almonds, natural, gourmand, but not too sweet or intensive, very intimate and friendly. It's not just a scent, it's like a cozy moment you share with your friends, like pleasant memories...
  • available
  • Price: $ 9
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ID 518

Black Afgano
1 oz Parfum in box

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  • Great Niche perfume. Nasomatto is hot on the market and this is one of the most sought after perfumes. It is not available for sale in the US because of the ingredients it uses.

    The fragrance aims to evoke the best quality of Hashish. It is the result of a quest to arouse the effects of temporary bliss. It captures the essence of the marijuana leaf.

    Hard to explain the scent, but it is definitely unique and I keep smelling myself to get more of it. If you are a collector and appreciate fine scents, this is for you.

    The first 10 minutes it's on you, it's very strong and your still trying to figure it out. As it dries down on you, it transforms into one of the most incredible scents out there. It lasts very long and smells better and better until it fades. It really does transform on you quickly and though it is a hard scent to embrace at first, you find yourself smelling your wrists just to get some more of it.

    Nasomatto Black Afgano is the masterpiece of by Alessandro Gualtieri.

    My husband bought this for me as a Christmas present in 2011. He imported it from Saudi Arabia as that was the only place it was in stock. He paid $350 for it. It leaked in transit. You can see the spill on the cellophane wrapping, but is not visible in the box that it leaked. I only sprayed this a couple of times. The rest missing is due to evaporation in transit. I keep it in the box with the original cellophane. I opened it from the bottom and slid the box out. You can see the cellophane wrapping on top of the box.

  • available
  • Price: $ 200
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ID 442

Victoria's Secret
Dream Angels
Eau De Parfum / Lotion / Gift Set

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  • GIFT SET includes:
    ANGEL TOUCH LOTION - 100ml / 3.4 fl oz
    EAU DE PARFUM - 7.5ml / .25 fl oz
    EAU DE PARFUM - 75ml / 2.5fl oz
    ANGEL WASH - 100ml / 3.4 fl oz

  • available
  • Price: $ 110
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ID 102

Yves Saint Laurent
Belle D'Opium
YSL Latest Release

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  • Belle d’Opium is an oriental developed by perfumers Honorine Blanc and Alberto Morillas; it is described as having “less of an amber-like effect” than the original. The notes include Casablanca lily, sandalwood, gardenia, white pepper, jasmine and narguile accord.
    Although Belle d'Opium is an oriental floral, to my nose it is definitely more spicy and peppery than floral. I can detect lily and gardenia, but only slightly and well hidden by lots of pepper. Pepper is the most present note on my skin for hours. After that time the scent becomes softer, warmer and more feminine. The drydown contains patchouli, sandelwood and soft, slightly sweet incense. I find some resemblance with Opium in the drydown, softer and toned down, but recognizable. I think this is a lovely fragrance for autumn and winter. 3 oz eau de parfum

  • available
  • Price: $ 55
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