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  Inventory as of 26-Sep-2023
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ID 852

Jean Patou
1/2 oz Parfum with box

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  • This is the most beautiful perfume and this is a fresh bottle in the tan velour box. Bottle is sealed and in excellent condition. No evaporation. Sells new for $350.
  • available
  • Price: $ 125
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ID 717

Keiko Mecheri
2.5 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

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  • This beautiful perfume is a unisex scent from one of the most prolific Niche perfume houses. It is marketed to women, but it really would work wonderfully on a sharp dressed man.

    It is a soft, lovely fragrance with notes of apricot, plum, golden Japanese osmanthus, tuberose, green notes and white datura.

    Bottle comes in the original box and it is approximately 65% full. This is in their first bottle design. I bought this new, the year it was released, which was 2005.

  • available
  • Price: $ 50
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ID 471

NIB Boxed Presentation Set

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  • This is a perfume no one seems to be much aware of, but I have a nice collection of Parera perfumes, especially Gong. This is a nice 1950s set of the colognes and the soap.

    Parera Perfumeria emerged from Barcelona, Spain in the early 20th century and launched a handful of perfumes, (perhaps the most controversial of which was named 'Cocaine en Flor'). In the 1930s perfumes took on new themes as travel became popular again. Parera turned to the orient for inspiration. The 1936 release GONG offered a means to "travel with the senses". The Far East seemed so much more within reach with this blend of sunny florals and exotic spices. This perfume has both oriental and chypre characteristics - a bittersweet drydown lingers on the skin just as fond memories of a holiday linger in the mind. Alas, GONG swiftly drifted from recollection, and remains a mystery - much like the Orient itself - to this day.

    Great rare vintage perfume set for your collection of Oriental perfumes.

  • available
  • Price: $ 45

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ID 258

Inspired by a 1920s bottle
1/2 oz New in box

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  • This is a 1/2 oz vintage bottle of Rubyat Perfume in its box. Iím not sure of its age but Rubyat perfume was first produced in 1950. I think these are from the early 60s. I have a case of these, 24 or so, that I bought a long time ago. All bottles are in their boxes, and the bottles have plastic plugs. There shouldn't be any evaporation. Rubyat is a very pleasant perfume, and the bottle is very cool to display.
  • available
  • Price: $ 20

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