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    Perfume List Last Updated On: 28-May-2024

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ID 1414

1/4 oz Parfum

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  • This is an interesting perfume from the 1940s, and is in remarkable condition for its age. Mrs. Julien Chaqueneau of New York Society was associated with the Rockefellas and the Wanamakers and others in the high society of Park Ave. She was also a close friend of Gloria Vanderbilt. The Wanamakers were the founders of the first department store in New York City. I imagine this might be where this was first sold. The Chaqueneaus were also the owners of a resort in New York and this could have been sold there as a souvenir.

    Box is a slide out box.

  • available
  • Price: $ 70
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ID 568

Originals Collection
Collection of 5 parfums

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  • Set includes Danger, Reflexions, Surrender, Richochet, and New Horizons. Set is in excellent condition. Never been used, bottles have plugs, but there has been evaporation. This set is from the 1940s.
  • available
  • Price: $ 60
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ID 1178

Toujours Moi
2 oz Bath Oil

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  • New in box and in pristine condition. Wonderful.
  • available
  • Price: $ 90
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ID 1196

Jean Desprez
Revolution a Versailles
1/2 oz Eau de Parfum NIB

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  • New in box and outer clear plastic box. It says it is Eau de parfum, but parfum is everything less than 83% alcohol, so this is really parfum. I have had this for 4 years and never opened the package to smell the perfume. I think I bought it at a busy time and never got around to smelling it. I knew nothing about the perfume when I bought it so I just didn't think it was going to be something I loved.

    My first whiff was reminiscent of something. Didn't know what. I put some on my wrist and let it sink in for a few minutes. I kept saying it is familiar. And then it hit me. Balenciaga's Rumba! But without the heavy, overpowering strength. I smelled it again, and said, no, that is not it. And then I thought, Leonard Balahe! Another perfume I wore for years. Needless to say it is wonderful. It is similar to two of my favorite perfumes. But Revolution is smoother, more feminine and less obnoxious than Rumba or Balahe. White florals, fruit and incense. Absolutely exquisite!

  • available
  • Price: $ 85

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ID 387

Jean Patou
Joy 1 oz Parfum NIB
1970s Sealed in cellophane

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  • Factory sealed Joy Parfum by Jean Patou. 30 ml of the most beautiful perfume ever made. Great bargain for a sealed bottle and box. Cellophane still sealed. Box has a couple of bumps on the outside, not enough to affect the interior box, and a tear in the cellophane across the backside. Sells new for $389+ so this is a great deal for a sealed bottle with just small damage to the outer box.
  • available
  • Price: $ 250
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