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  Inventory as of 29-May-2023
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ID 1165

1/2 oz Extrait

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  • 1960s 1/2 oz Amphora bottle, also referred to as the Bud Bottle. Small amount of evaporation. Bottle is sealed and still has the cellophane around the stopper. Great perfume. 1960s was a great time for Mitsouko, with loads of oakmoss! Yum! French tax stamp on bottom of bottle.
  • available
  • Price: $ 250
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ID 611

Guerlain Paris
Shalimar Extrait
1 oz Parfum French Formula

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  • Crystal bottle with French Tax stamp on bottom of bottle. Purple flocked box is in great condition. I spilled a small amount in box. It will probably dry ok. Juice is excellent! I would date this to late 60s early 70s. About 65% full.
  • available
  • Price: $ 100
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ID 978

Jean Patou
1/4 oz Parfum NIB

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  • Still sealed. This is from the year 1929 as evidenced by the lack of a control number on the card inside the box. First production run. Also notice the shoulders of the bottle are more square than bottles just a couple of years later. They changed the shape of the bottle slightly. It is in amazing condition. Foil label is in great condition. String still attached to bottle with onion skin underneath it. Bottle feels full and barely any evaporation. Tiny wear to the box, box is in wonderful condition. This is the French formula and not made in US. Made in France. This is about as good as you will ever find. Best formula. Best year. Best bottle.
  • available
  • Price: $ 120

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ID 280

1940s Replique
1 oz in presentation box NIB

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  • I bought this in lot of perfumes recently. The seller had opened the cellophane to see inside.

    This is a classic chypre not to be overlooked. The scent is spicy and creamy, nutty resiny, almost pine-ish and very smooth. The clary sage and coriander are perfectly blended here and give the perfume a mild herbal aspect, like a finely milled French soap... the orris and moss cushion the ylang ylang... the amber and civet and musk... the vanilla...leather... yes, it's all there. Truely one of the best chypres ever made. And this is a real treasure to find.

  • available
  • Price: $ 90

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