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1 oz Parfum bottle with box

This is probably from the 1960s. Bottle is about 1/3 full and is wonderful smelling. Label fell off and I can't find it.

$ 35   available

1/2 oz Parfum in box

This was wrapped in cellophane and completely sealed, but I removed the outer wrapper to show the inside. Very little evaporation. I would say this is from the 1970s. It smells wonderful.

$ 50   available

1 1/2 oz Parfum in box

Still sealed with box. There is a remnant of a sticker on the bottom which I will probably remove before shipping. Small wear to box from storage and a small amount of evaporation. I would date this to 1950-60s due to the all black glass stopper.

Arpege is an aldehyde perfume similar to Chanel No 5, with a hefty dose of sandalwood, but with a certain lightness and clarity on first application. It is rich and classy, the scent of a real woman -- a woman who has known the full tonic range of emotions from despair to euphoria -- mature in the drydown yet breezy enough for day or summer. Tenacious too.

$ 80   available

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