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    Inventory List Last Updated On: 2-Mar-2024

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1/8 oz EDP

This is 4 ml of delicious! Doesn't include any type of box.

$ 8   available


NIB 1 oz Parfum Presentation

Here is another great present just waiting to be opened. Still sealed in cellophane, this vintage Mitsouko Parfum is from 2002 and is a great formula.

Who wouldn't love to receive this as a present?

I have two of these, one I opened the box to verify the condition of the bottle inside, it is pristine and full. Don't miss out on this. My price is lower than you will find anywhere! Retails for $325. Last photo shows what the box and bottle inside look like.

$ 250   available


1 oz Parfum with box

Originally created in 1929 by Jacques Guerlain, Liu is a floral aldehydic of tasteful elegance and delicately sensual seduction. It is a wonderful, floral-powdery aldehyde fragrance that many people compare to Chanel No 5, but much more creamy.

$ 350   available

1 1/2 oz Extrait with box

Stands 4 1/4" tall and is 2 1/2 " wide and 1 1/2" deep.

$    For Sale

No bottle included

Includes the case and tubes for the atomizer bottle, which are in the white envelope shown. No bottle with this case, but click on link above to see a photo of what the bottle would look like if you want to replace the bottle. This is from 1970.

$ 40   available

1 1/2 oz Extrait

4 1/4" tall x 2 1/2" wide and 1 1/2" thick. Baccarat bottle, no markings on the bottom of bottle. I would say it is from around 1920-30s.

$ 325   available

1/2 oz Sealed Parfum Amphore

Still sealed with the its plastic wrapper. Great item! Some evaporation, but that is to be expected from a bottle from the early 1960s. Made in and bottled in France as evidenced by the tax stamp on the bottom of bottle. I personally imported it.

$ 125   available

2/3 oz Extrait with box

Gorgeous perfume and excellent presentation. Box has a blemish on the top edge of the box, other than that it is very nice.

Don't miss out, this will sell fast.

$ 90   available

1/2 oz Parfum

Beautiful vintage perfume, has import tax stamp on the bottom of bottle. Box is very good condition. This is a 1930-40s crystal bottle and is 4" x 2 3/4".

$ 200   available

1/2 oz Extrait

1960s 1/2 oz Amphora bottle, also referred to as the Bud Bottle. Small amount of evaporation. Bottle is sealed and still has the cellophane around the stopper. Great perfume. 1960s was a great time for Mitsouko, with loads of oakmoss! Yum! French tax stamp on bottom of bottle.

$ 250   available

1/4 oz Parfum with box

Really wonderful smelling. Date on box says 1983. Box has a rip and a stain on top of box. Not the best presentation, although there are no stains inside the box. All glass stopper with a strip of plastic around the center of the stopper to help seal the bottle and it does work well.

$ 80   available

1/4 oz Parfum NIB

This box is still sealed with cellophane. There is no bar code on the box which indicates it is pre-1989. It is the old black and white zig zag box, which was discontinued in the 1980s.

The bottle inside is the quadrilobe design.

Parure by Guerlain is a Chypre Fruity fragrance for women. Parure was launched in 1975. The nose behind this fragrance was Jean-Paul Guerlain, which he created for his mother. It was discontinued due to Jean-Paul refusing to reformulate it without oakmoss.

Top notes are Plum, Green Notes, Bergamot, Fruity Notes and Citruses

Middle notes are Rose, Narcissus, Orris Root, Lilac, Lily-of-the-Valley and Jasmine

Base notes are Oakmoss, Leather, Spices, Patchouli and Amber.

Parure is a wonder and a chypre for the die-hard chypre lover. Extremely rare to find a bottle any longer.

$ 250   available

2 oz Parfum with box

This is an opened 1950s Baccarat bottle of Shalimar with purple flocked box and is 5 7/8" x 4". Has a import stamp on bottom of bottle.

$ 350   available

1 oz Parfum

The batch code on the box indicates it was made in 1981, just before Guerlain reformulated all their perfumes to remove Oakmoss. This is still more than half full of the original perfume inside, and it is a beautiful, soft chypre that may be more wearable to some people, than the beautiful L'Heure Bleue. I love the spicy slap in the face of L'Heure Bleue, as I wait for the luxurious drydown of powder. But Chant D'Aromes is too beautiful to slap you, it merely bows to you, and says, follow me as we daydream together. I agree with a review I read that Chant D'Aromes is more of a 50s perfume than the rebellious, attention getters of the 60s through the 80s. I could easily see Audrey Hepburn wearing this one, with her short white gloves and poodle skirts. Very sophisticated and yet, not overly sweet or seductive. It reminds me a little like a less condensed, vintage Joy in the opening, but the drydown is closer to a softer, less spicy L'Heure Bleue.

Included is the outer box for this perfume but the inner box has disappeared.

$ 135   available

1 oz Parfum sealed with box

This is from the 1950s and is still sealed with very little evaporation.

$ 350   available

1 1/2 oz Extrait

6" tall x 4" wide. Has French tax stamp on bottom. No box. Has a small, smooth nick in rim of the neck of the bottle. Baccarat Crystal bottle from around 1930s, marked on the bottom of bottle.

$ 150   available

1 2/3 oz Essence Pour Le Bain (Bath Oil)

This is my favorite concentration of Shalimar. It smells amazing! Bottle is more than half full. I highly recommend using the bath oil if you love vintage Shalimar. It is to die for!

$ 160   available

1 1/2 oz EDT Splash

Smells wonderful.

$ 40   available

1 oz Extrait Baccarat

This is a beautiful Baccarat bottle stamped on the bottom of bottle. It does have a flaw on the stopper. It is not visible, but inside the heart shape there is some rough edges. I tried to get a photo of it, it doesn't show when on display. Nice satin box in great condition. It might be more than an oz or slightly less as it is hard to discern with heavy, thick Baccarat bottles like this.

$ 200   available

1 oz Parfum French Formula

Crystal bottle with French Tax stamp on bottom of bottle. Purple flocked box is in great condition. I spilled a small amount in box. It will probably dry ok. Juice is excellent! I would date this to late 60s early 70s. About 65% full.

$ 100   available

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