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Perfume ID#:  427
Perfumer:  Guerlain

 1/2 oz Sealed Parfum Amphore
Description:  Still sealed with the its plastic wrapper. Great item! Some evaporation, but that is to be expected from a bottle from the early 1960s. Made in and bottled in France as evidenced by the tax stamp on the bottom of bottle. I personally imported it.
Price:  125
Status:  available

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Violet (Veolay)
Royal Lily Parfum in box

Perfume ID#:  1427
Perfumer:  Violet (Veolay)
 Royal Lily Parfum in box

 Released in 1903
Description:  Maison Violet was established around 1810 in Paris and the business was originally known as "A la Reine des Abeilles." The shop was located at 317 rue St. Denis. Violet also had a laboratory located at La Plaine St. Denis in France, where they manufactured their perfumes and cosmetics, as well as other vanity items. They were known for their outstanding quality and became the suppliers to the English, Spanish, French and Russian Crowns.

Violet maintained a luxury image throughout much of it's existence and won many prize medals at exhibitions: 1849, 1851, 1855, 1862, 1875 (Sydney, bronze medal), as well as the Grand Prix at the Exposition Universelle in both 1867 and 1900, where the Violet products as a whole were awarded the prize.

This bottle shows the award won in 1900 and is evidence of its manufacture date.

This sealed, vintage perfume bottle with its box is truly a marvel to behold its condition. A star in a special perfume collection. Outstanding!

Bottle is embossed around the neck "A la Reine des Abeilles." The bottle is also embossed "Violet" and with a bee. The neck is wrapped with lamb skin sealing the bottle. The box has the original angel hair padding in fair condition. There is some minor wear and missing some of the gold foil around the bottom edge of the box. Small nick to the label on front of the box. Labels on the bottle and the box match perfectly and are in perfect condition other than the previous mentioned nick to the front label. The hinge and the ribbon on the box is in perfect condition.

This would make an excellent gift for the perfume collector of early French Houses.
Price:  450
Status:  available

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