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2023 : December

Vintage bottle collecting

Posted on 2-Dec-2023

I learned how to open old bottles back in 2003. My husband has been urging me to share this information with other perfume bottle collectors, but I have been reluctant. My argument has been that if everyone knew how to open old bottles, then there would be less bottles for me to find and open. I have been selfish in my silence. But I am now moving into a selling mode and away from collecting mode so I will share. If you have a bottle with a “frozen stopper” they can be very easy to open. Purchase an old ultrasonic cleaner from ebay or Labx is a place to buy used laboratory equipment. You can pick up an older unit between $30 and $200, depending on its condition and size. Fill the tank up with hot water, just enough to come up to the top of the bottle where the stopper is inside the bottle. You want the stopper to be above the water, but you do want the water to reach the top of the bottle. The water will loosen the junk on top of the bottle, while the ultrasonic action of the cleaner will vibrate the bottle. The hot water causes the glass to expand. Keep your finger on top of the stopper, without applying pressure. I have had stoppers actually pop up and water leak into the bottle. Start the cleaner and run for about 35 seconds and remove bottle from water, and pull up on stopper. If it doesn’t lift up right away, place in water again and run the cleaner for another 35 seconds. When you remove the bottle don’t touch the labels on the bottle. Instead, take a paper towel and press it flat against the label to remove any water that may have gotten behind the label. The water alone will not hurt your label, it will dry flat against the bottle and not curl.

An old ultrasonic cleaner works like magic


Posted on 2-Dec-2023

Roger & Gallet


Hi Deb,

I couldn't wait and opened my Santalia - I didn't wear it because I'll officially wear it on Mother's Day.... but just handling it - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It smells absolutely amazing and perfect. Thank you for the care in wrapping, the pipette and the little pink bow! Thanks for parting with it and sending it to my house. I will wear it with joy and appreciation.

Thanks again - I really appreciate your help and kindness.


and in a later email...

The Santalia Essence you sold me is probably the best thing I've smelled. Thanks again. I'm gonna wear it each Mother's day and probably my birthday too.

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