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Customer Comments

Posted on 18-Feb-2016

Hi Deb,

Thanks so much for the very careful packaging. Everything arrived in tip top shape. There are so many perfumes Iím feeling a bit overwhelmed so I think I shall wait for the weekend, when Iím less frazzled, to really check out both the bottles and their contents. Right off the bat, though, I love the LíHeure Bleue bottle - it is darling :) Thank you for helping me with the choices. I really went way over my perfume budget but I got a little carried away. You said you love perfume and I do, too, and so many of the perfumes you described seemed irresistible. I really would have loved to have them all! You must enjoy you collection very much. Iím sure you have more vintage perfumes than Iíve ever seen in my life :-)

Thank you again. Iím really looking forward to the weekend. The big question will be- what do I smell first! (Probably it will be the Coty!)

All the best,


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