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Have a lovely

Posted on 7-Feb-2016

Toujours Moi Day!

Customer Comments

Posted on 19-Feb-2016

Myrurgia Suspiro Granada

Got the perfume and it's divine.... thank you very much. If you find the other let me know and I'm always looking for Myrurgia ... they're wonderful.


Customer Comments

Posted on 19-Feb-2016

Weil Secret de Venus Zibeline Bath Oil


Just a note to let you know that the perfume oil arrived safely today!

Many thanks, Kaye

Oh, and I would love to know whether there is any difference in Secret of Venus and Secret de Venus!! Would you please let me know whether it is just in the translation, or whether they are different at all?? Just my curiosity, and you would be one of the only people now who would know!!

All the best,

Same perfume, just different people call it differently.

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