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Customer Comments

Posted on 27-Jun-2015

Weil Secret de Venus, Worth Je Reviens

Dear Deb,

I don't know how to begin to thank you for the Zibeline, Je Reviens, and beautiful decanting bottle with pipette. Oh, how those scents transport me! I so appreciate the care with which you packed everything, there was not a drop spilled and no damage of any kind. I'm in Seventh Heaven. The Patou decanting bottle is exquisite.

I think that I have found a buyer for something I'm selling, and if the sale goes through on Monday, I will be making more purchases from you. I'm particularly interested in your 1/4 oz vintage Mitsouko extract (item #1029), your vintage unopened Je Reviens 1 oz Huile de Bain (item #117), and the sealed 1 oz SDV Zibeline oil that I was originally considering buying last week (blue and white box, item #98).

Again, my thanks for everything - perfumes, decanting bottle and pipette, your sage advice and counsel about fragrance, your superb customer service.

Best wishes,

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