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Customer Comments

Posted on 3-Aug-2015

Molinard Habanita

Hi Deb,

The Habanita is fabulous! It contains all the notes I love. The reformulation actually compares favorably in terms of its notes, but the balance is quite different - the original is smokier and creamier, more leathery, subtler, with greater depth - the reformulation is clearly marked by synthetics that smell good, but lack dimension (especially in the dry down). This original is right up there with Zibeline for me, perhaps even supplanting it (tied with Golliwog, but in a different way). I do not find any discordant notes in the vintage Habanita, it's a perfect blend and the dry down is just heaven. I'll be buying more of this in the future.

Thank you, too, for the sample of Bandit, which I really like and find intriguing - I do agree with you, it would be a difficult scent for a woman to pull off, but it's wonderfully constructed and I'm delighted to have it.

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