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Customer Comments

Posted on 28-May-2013

Chamade, Arpege, Chanel No 5

Hi Deb
Iím just overjoyed with my latest selection from you. The Chanel lives 100% up to my memory. This particular vintage is not nearly as animalic as my older bottle. I love it.

Thank you so much for being so thoughtful as to how you packed the Chamade. The bottle and perfume are both lovely. Iím so pleased to have it, only having the pure parfum. Now I can layer when I wish.

The Arpege is in mint condition. I havenít opened it, having two open bottles already. Judging by the lovely color and the cleanness of the bottle, it will be a delight.

The little Coty was quite a surprise. Itís a totally different way of interpreting lily of the valley than Diorissimo, which I am actually wearing today as it happens. Once again, your lovely offerings have added to both my learning and my experience.

Thanks again and keep the goodies coming on your site.

Til the next time.


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