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Buying Perfume

Posted on 17-Jan-2013

The best concentration


I posted a description of the concentrations of perfume in my last post and I wanted to follow up on that. I see people make posts in forums about how they tried a perfume and the scent didn't stay with them. I beleive, the reason there are so many varying descriptions of the a scent is that people try a perfume in the dead of winter and expect it to smell the same as it would in summer. Toilettes are best worn in the warm months. If you want to evaluate a toilette in the winter, spray it in your hair or on your clothes. The scent will last for hours. But applied to your skin it will disappear rather quickly. A case in point is this. I just bought 4 dramming bottles of Guerlain scents. They are Parfum de Toilettes. Applied to the skin they are light and enjoyable. But applied to clothing they are to die for. I accidentally spilled some Chant d'Aromes on my clothes yesterday, and I smelled great the whole day. There are no oils in the toilettes to stain your clothes, and the fabric holds the scent the best.

I also bought Guerlain Nahema. It was the first time I had smelled Nahema. I love Nahema. It is a beauitful spicy rose perfume that smells similar to Rogers & Gallet Oeillet. To my nose, the rose is so sharp and spicy it smells of a stong carnation note. Just beautiful.

In researching about Nahema, I landed on Monsieur Guerlain's website and read a review on Nahema. And it all makes sense. The decant bottle I bought is a Parfum de Toilette and it smells heavenly. He explains why. Nahema was the first Guerlain fragrance released in the Parfum de Toilette concentration. It is because it consists of so much Bulgarian Rose, which is a very strong and intense essence. This is actually the Parfum of Nahema. And he further states that the best concentration to look for is "Parfum or PdT from the 1980s." I haven't smelled the newer formula of Nahema to compare but I can testify to the beauty of the 1980s Nahema PDT. Outstanding!

I also wanted to comment on how if you find a perfume you love, but that it doesn't blend well with your body chemistry, then buy an EDT and spray it in your hair and clothes. You can enjoy that perfume and not have it turn on your skin. Problem solved.

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