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Customer Comments

Posted on 16-Oct-2012

Gabilla Chin Li

Rare 1924 Depinoix Perfume Bottle

Hi Deb,
Just to let you know the Chin-LI Bottle has arrived, so happy with it. Very much appreciated and thank you so much. Hope to do business again soon.

Customer Comments

Posted on 26-Oct-2012

1950s Sealed Guerlain Shalimar

Hi Deb!

Just wanted to let you know that I received my Shalimar today, safe and sound! I dug the cork out almost immediately, and somehow managed to tip a couple of drops onto the table... I stared at them for about half a second before collecting them on my wrists. I've been marinating in the scent for the past half hour. Absolutely divine!!! I love the current incarnation, but am completely blown away by the vintage.

Thanks again for everything! I'll get in touch with you again when I'm ready to indulge in an extrait!


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