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Customer Comments

Posted on 5-May-2012

Hi Deb,
Package arrived well. Some of the Gabilla and Gray perfumes left from the bottle, but it is not a real problem. Thanks for fast shipping. I will come again.

Thanks again, I'll be back soon.
Chris (France)

Customer Comments

Posted on 6-May-2012

Hi Deb,
The two perfumes arrived yesterday. I made good choices!
I am a collector. I am primarily interested in the beautiful classic commercial bottles from about 1900 -1960.

I do have a few of each of many other categories as well. I collect only bottles with ground glass stoppers. Right now I am especially interested in the 1900-1920's bottles that have faceted glass stoppers and beautifully designed labels, especially the ones with the embossed gold foil labels. I can't say that there are any specific bottles I am looking for right now. I will check your site frequently.

By the way - all of your materials are so beautifully designed! (Your label, your business card, the vial folder...) And thank you for the little bonus vial of your specially formulated fragrance.

Thank you for good service! I will be happy to patronize you again!


Customer Comments

Posted on 6-May-2012

Hi Deb,

I am thrilled beyond belief with the Secret de Venus and the Crepe de Chine. I am finding I love oils! I think this is a whole new thing for me.

I hope you are doing fine and I love my two items.

Look forward to buying more from you.


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